Extreme Trailer Makeover! (Part 1)

Drop Deck Trailer At Maple Grove Enterprises, we love a challenge! It’s a darn good thing, because the 53-foot drop deck trailer that limped into our parking lot today is in the worst shape that we’ve ever seen. Aaron “Reggie” Mayer, whose jobs at Maple Grove Enterprises include outside sales and industrial coating, described what we’ll have to do to resurrect the trailer:

“Initial sandblasting, repair, and then painting. It’ll need custom fabrication of tool boxes and modifications to add a head rack, while at the same time replacing all of the cross members. It also requires a full sandblast and a full 3-coat system paint job.”

We’ll post regular updates on our progress. While our “extreme makeover” will take quite a bit more than a week to accomplish and is unlikely to draw cheering crowds, it will be a thing of beauty when we’re done. Stay posted!