Cockshutt Tractor Restoration

Blackhawk Cockshutt Tractor restored Phil Schmitz, a local antique tractor collector, brought in his 1952 Cockshutt Model 30 Black Hawk Tractor and 411 Forage Harvester to Maple Grove Enterprises for restoration.

The Model 30 was Cockshutt’s first tractor and was produced at the plant in Brantford, Ontario. Cockshutt was the first manufacturer to master the challenge of live power take-off, or LPTO. Cockshutt engineers had designed a shaft “within a shaft” driven directly off the engine to a PTO clutch, which permitted PTO-driven equipment to continue to operate even when the transmission clutch was engaged and the tractor was stopped. This prevented painstaking, time-wasting unclogging of equipment and allowed the operator to remain safely on the tractor.

Both the tractor and harvester needed some hefty repairs—fabrication of missing parts, mechanical repair, sandblasting, and coating—but our crew was up to the task. Phil was beaming as he picked up the equipment. He’s on his way south now to show them off at the Florida Flywheelers’ 19th Annual Antique Engine & Tractor Show.

2 thoughts on “Cockshutt Tractor Restoration

  1. wow! i did not know that Cockshutt was the first company to create live pto! this job turned out fantastic and the customer is very happy. good job on the paint job and good job on the blog Tracy!

  2. My wife owns a Cockshutt 550 that was purchased new by her grandfather. It still runs. I would like to have this restored for her. Would you be interested in doing the work? I live in Indiana, but not many Cockshutt enthusiasts around here. Please send me an email if you are interested.

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