Coatings Applied to Paley Sculpture

Maple Grove Enterprises is proud to have been selected to paint Rochester artist Albert Paley's sculpture "Threshold" for Klein Steel. The work consists primarily of leftover plates from which animal and plant shapes were cut for Paley's St. Louis Zoo gates. According to Paley, "We painted it safety yellow, which is always related to industry. Rochester is so gray, yellow is such an expansive color; it would help offset that."

We brought the sculpture to our shop in Arcade and applied the coatings, then returned the sculpture to Klein Steel in Rochester. The bright yellow sculpture will dazzle the public for years to come!

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Take a tour of our Paley sculpture coating job:

sculpture prepared for sandblasting building jigs to hold sculpture sandblasted pieces ready for primer epoxy coatings applied to steel sculpture sculpture ready for installation loading sculpture onto trucks Installing the sculpture at Klein Steel.

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