Sandblasting and Coating of Snow Blower

When you have heavy wet snow to deal with (like we do in Western New York), you need the snow blower blades and chute to be as non-sticky as possible! A customer recently brought their snow blower to us for sandblasting and painting. We sandblasted the entire unit, color matched the exterior to match John Deere yellow, and applied a specialized graphite paint to the interior and the chute to create a slippery surface that will prevent snow build-up. For sun or snow, Maple Grove Enterprises provides custom solutions to meet your requirements!

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Take a tour of our snowblower blasting and coating job:

The snow blower chute is coated with specialized graphite paint to prevent sticking. The entire interior of the snow blower chute is coated with the graphite paint. The blades and all of the snow blower's moving parts are coated with graphite paint. We color matched the exterior of the snow blower to John Deere yellow.

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