Body Work on Industrial Trucks

Unlike other body repair shops, Maple Grove Enterprises uses advanced industrial coatings that protect your expensive vehicles from damage by road salt, UV light, extreme weather, and other corrosion-causing agents.

A local contractor brought in his badly corroded utility truck. We sandblasted the entire body to remove the rust, fabricated parts that were beyond repair, and ground the surface smooth. Next, we applied zinc primer, followed by epoxy primer, and then finally a urethane top coat. The truck looks brand new and is once again ready to take on the toughest jobs.

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Take a tour of our industrial truck body work job:

This utility truck was brought to Maple Grove Enterprises in rough shape. The paint was peeling and rust had eaten through the body in numerous places. We fabricated parts to replace the areas that had rusted through. Grinding the surface smooth. The truck after being coated with zinc, epoxy, and a urethane top coat.

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