Farm Truck Restoration

A local farmer brought in his heavy-duty truck for some much needed restoration. We sandblasted the frame, wheels, and box; repaired all holes and fabricated new fenders; then painted the truck using epoxy primer and urethane paint.

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Take a tour of our farm truck restoration:

BEFORE: The box on this farm truck was rusted through in many spots. BEFORE: The tail light housing was completely rusted through. One of our expert welders repairing the truck box. We sandblasted the truck's body and frame with copper slag to remove corrosion and old paint. Truck after fabrication of new parts and sandblasting. Truck after the application of epoxy primer. We painted the truck box with green urethane coating. BEFORE: Truck Fender AFTER: Newly fabricated truck fender BEFORE: Rear of truck AFTER: Rear of truck BEFORE: Front of truck box AFTER: Front of truck box AFTER: Completely restored farm truck

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